Hate Speech

Hate Speech


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It fascinates and deeply saddens me how corporations like #facebook managed to water down the term "hate speech" to ignore the substance of the speech in favor of the form.

Dear #moderators, please remember: by banning those who are "hatespeeching" towards people who commit crimes against humanity in Ukraine, you are helping #kremlin in their quest to oppress additional 50 million people. In the end, policing speech of opressed people with your "community standards" will standardize your community to the sidelines of history and turn it into a meaningless catpic exchange. You could already feel how the posts on facebook are much less interesting and less engaging.

And yes, I can speak aggressively against those who start wars, support violence, attack people on the basis of their race, gender, financial position or sexual orientation. As a victim of hate crime I hate violence and if, suddenly, facebook thinks that speaking out against violence is "hate speech" then I don't need to be on such a social network.

I am going to continue using my mastodon (mstdn.social/@chedim) for tweet-like posts and my main blog is now on https://chedim.com