Hey, Google, why go is ...

Hey, Google, why go is ...


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I meant "so ugly", but google suggested "better than java". And here's the answer it gave to me:

Golang is easy to learn and perfect for beginners, and as a newer language, it offers better-optimized features and less time typing. Go code is more compact and doesn't have unnecessary parentheses in its syntax. On the other hand, Java is an object-oriented language with many libraries.

Oh, really? "better-optimized features"? Like what, like a terrible package management system?

Less typing? Is that the criteria we have for a good SDL? Not a good package management system, not a thought-through class system that encourages good design, no. Having to type func instead of public void method makes a better language now?

There was functional programming, object-oriented programming and now we've got keyboard-oriented programming? Have you heard of auto-completion?

In my practice, any language that uses abyrvalgs (watch "Heart of a dog", you brutes!) like func sacrifices readability of the language and is not suited for any large or commercial projects.

Why? Because large and commercial projects require millions of dollars to be spent on supporting them and your ugly abbreviations make it only harder.

P.S.: Oh, and don't get me started on that "modern" feature of aliasing imports. Having the ability for the same library to be represented by different names in different importing source files is just begging for chaos in larger projects.