It's weekend update with Dmitrii Che!


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I didn't go to the boat this weekend. Instead, I revived my 7th gen i3 intel NUC with kali running on it to be the boat brain: I installed homeboatassistant and esphome on it and even flashed esphome firmware onto an esp8266 board I've had lying on the floor around my desk for the past couple of weeks :slightly_smiling_face: The MCU is now reporting some fake data until I connect it either to some sensors or relays. I even got the nuc connected to my vpn using my old phone so, now it should always be online.

Also, got carried away with Cliffhanger on Saturday and now I have a partially implemented distributed java dom XML implementation that represents a data tree and can be queried using XPath. I also got beanshell embedded for evaluating scripts that are triggered upon HTTP requests to a node and either define cascading HTTP requests to the distributed XML or external HTTP services or an HTTP response to be sent to the client:

WHEN /hello-world:
  Authorization: cliff.query("/external/pushbullet/token")
    String.format("someone requested hello-world page from ip %s", request.getRemoteIp())

  WHEN $method = "GET":
    HTTP 200 OK
    Content-type: "text/plain"
      String.format("Hello! Current value: %s", cliff.query("/hello-world"))

Partially (like, 90%) rebuilt my android notification announcer so that now it not only reads all your notification wisdom directly to my ears, but also reads out current time with intervals that can be changed using volume buttons on the phone (volup for longer intervals up to 15 minutes and voldown for shorter intervals up to a second for testing). Also now I can use volume buttons to open/delete a notification as it is being announced :) Human-machine convergence at its best :D