Weekend update with Dmitrii Che

Weekend update with Dmitrii Che

BoatAssistant on an Android phone


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This weekend I've done something that I truly shouldn't have.

I installed HomeAssistant onto my old Android Phone. It wasn't easy: first, I had to enable adb and install my termux-launcher without being able to use the broken touch screen (that's why it's an "old" phone :). I was hoping that hass would be able to run directly on it, but that didn't happen because of the dreaded cryptography module issues thatprevented it even from being installed :(

So, I had to install debian using proot-distro. Luckily, hass agreed not only to install onto it, but even (after some editing of the usb component) was able to start, despite three levels of containerization (android, termux, and then proot).

But now... oh, now my boat got some Android brains, which I, an Android developer, am very excited about :)

I also finally received plywood and now can start building the galley. I'll update you on that part of the project next week.